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   Mapi-S55 Paper Shredder Machine

- Cut Size : 2 X 12 mm
- Cut Capacity : 15-17 Pages
- Security Level : S4
- Motor Power : 450 Watts
- Staples, Staff Card : Yes
- CD : No
- Noise Level : 62 Db
- Bin Capacity : 34 Lt
- Speed : 6 m/minute
- Input Size : 220 mm
- Net Weight : 26 Kg
- Dimensions (mm) : 450 X 390 X 665
- Warranty : 24 Months
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Mapi-S25 Mapi-S35 Mapi-S45

About Royal Bill Counter Machines

       Please examine the following picture links. If you have similar bill counter machine, please contact us to   fix its problems and update software of machine Royal Elektronik Ltd.Şti. is the only one importer and authorized service of Royal Bill Counter Machines in Turkey.

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About Paper Shredder Machines

      The most important issue in paper shredder machines is the security level. The security level shows how many pieces of paper you put into the machine to destroy. S1 level=A4 paper 39 parts, S2 level=A4 paper 300 parts, S3 level=A4 paper 3.700 parts, and S4 level=15,000 small parts. If the paper shredder machine you are going to buy is a machine that will be in common use, if it will be used by more than one person, you need to select a machine with a large waste bin. Choosing a document disposal machine with a powerful engine will ensure that the amount of documents to be destroyed per minute is greater. If most of the machines can do the disposal without removing the staple wires in the documents, for longer life and trouble-free machines, dispose of the documents by removing the staple wires.

     In 1991, our business partner’s project was listed in the Torch Programme by Chinese goverment. They have been examined and  approved 4 utility model patents and 12 design patents. In 1997,  our business partner was approved as Guangdong High-Tech  Enterprise. 90 % of their products are exported to Europe, North America, South America. Their products have got the CE, ROHS certificate,  ISO-9001  international  quality  systerm and CCC approval.

   Especially our business partner which is a specialist in coin counter machines, manufactures a very large number of bill counter, coin counter machines and detectors for distributors around the world.

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