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   Royal DB-360 Coin Counter & Sorter Machine

- Counting Method : Mixed
- Hopper Capacity : 400 Pieces
- Counting Speed : 250 Pieces/minute
- Batch Feature : Present (0-999)
- Motor Rotation : 15 RPM
- Display : LED
- Slot Number : 5 Pieces (3 Pcs big 2 Pcs small)
- Fake Detection Feature : None
- Weight : 3,5 Kg
- Dimensions (mm) : 355(W) x 330(D) x 266(H)
- Warranty : 24 Months
- Certificates : CE

Explanation : Bu model klasik DB-350 modelin bir üst versiyonudur. Bu modele yazıcı bağlanabilmektedir. Böylece saydığınız paranın dokümünü de alabilirsiniz.
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About Royal Bill Counter Machines

      Please examine the following picture links. If you have similar bill counter machine, please contact us to  fix its problems and update software of machine Royal Elektronik Ltd.Şti. is the only one importer and authorized service of Royal Bill Counter Machines in Turkey.

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Thermal Printers

      Thermal Printer can be connected to new model Royal N-900 bill counter machine and Royal DB-360 coin counter machine. Thermal Printer isn't given with these devices.It is added to the price of devices.

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Air Compressors

      If you have bill or coin counter machine, both will be need periodic clean. Cleaning process needs to work machines healthy. You can only clean them with a powerful air compressor.

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     In 1991, our business partner’s project was listed in the Torch Programme by Chinese goverment. They have been examined and  approved 4 utility model patents and 12 design patents. In 1997,  our business partner was approved as Guangdong High-Tech  Enterprise. 90 % of their products are exported to Europe, North America, South America. Their products have got the CE, ROHS certificate,  ISO-9001  international  quality  systerm and CCC approval.

   Especially our business partner which is a specialist in coin counter machines, manufactures a very large number of bill counter, coin counter machines and detectors for distributors around the world.

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