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Royal H-5388 Para Sayma Makinesi

   Royal H-5388 Bill Counter Machine

- Counting Method : TL Piece
- Counting Features : Batch :Present Ayırma :None Tersyüz :None
- Available Currencies : TL
- Hopper Capacity : 300 Banknote
- Dedection Speed : 1.000 Banknote/minute
- Stacker Capacity : 200 Banknote
- Reject Capacity : None
- Display : LED/LCD
- Fake Detection Sensors : UV, MT, MG, IR, SIZE
- Banknote Sizes : 50-100 mm / 90-190 mm
- Banknot Kalınlığı : 0,08 - 0,15 mm
- Dimensions (mm) : 300(W) x 246(D) x 160(H)
- Warranty : 24 Months

Explanation : The most economical banknote counter machine of the market, Royal H-5388 is more effect to catch fake money with upgraded software and hardware anymore.
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About Mixed Banknote Counting Machines

      In this type of machine, 200's, 100's, 50's so you want to count whatever type of money, you want to put in the machine without separating mixed. The machine counts the money in its own units and shows you the total and the number of pieces of them in a report format. Counterfeit checking is also performed during the counting process in all mixed counting machines. You can also count your money in piece mode on the machine. There are also features such as separating certain currencies in machines, for example, separating 50's from a mixed deck, reversing banknote, for example, in a TL deck, Atatürk's picture is always on the same side of all currencies. Mixed counting machines show the above-mentioned characteristics in all currencies that they know not only in Turkish Lira.

Adet Sayan Makineler Hakkında

      Adet sayan makinelerde, 200'lük, 100'lük, 50'lik yani elinizde saymak istediğiniz hangi para cinsi varsa, önce siz tasnif ediyorsunuz ve makinede ayrı, ayrı saydırıyorsunuz. Makineden alacağınız sonuç saydırdığınız paradan kaç adet olduğudur. Sayma işlemi sırasında sahtelik kontrolü bu makinelerde de yapılır. Adet sayan makinelerde fazla özellik bulunmadığından fiyatları da oldukça uygundur.
     In 1991, our business partner’s project was listed in the Torch Programme by Chinese goverment. They have been examined and  approved 4 utility model patents and 12 design patents. In 1997,  our business partner was approved as Guangdong High-Tech  Enterprise. 90 % of their products are exported to Europe, North America, South America. Their products have got the CE, ROHS certificate,  ISO-9001  international  quality  systerm and CCC approval.

   Especially our business partner which is a specialist in coin counter machines, manufactures a very large number of bill counter, coin counter machines and detectors for distributors around the world.

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