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Manyetik Kalem

   Magnetic Pen

- Available Currencies : All money in the world
- Sensors : MG, UV
- Power Supply : 4 Pcs Mini Batteries
- Battery Standby Time : Maximum one year
- Accessory : Neck Strap
- Warranty : 24 Months (Except Batteries)

Explanation : The device with magnetic feature will alarm in real money which you test, it will stay silent in fake money.
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SPRT Yazıcı Kompresör

About Detectors

      There are those control sensors : 2D (Size Detection), UV (Ultraviolet detection), MG (Magnetic ink detection), MT (Metal Thread detection), IR (Infrared accurate detection). Money which you would like to test or suspect, can control all directions. Device can read nominal value of money which you control. You can take a total report and can select exit direction of money which you tested.

About UV Lamps

      It is a detector which can be used easily. The only thing which you need to do, looks money under UV lamb. For instance, for TL ; What color is serial number of money under UV lamp ? That is green in real money. It will be seen red or black in fake money as well. Besides there is a magnifier on lamp, too. You can examine money with it manually.

About Magnetic Pens

      You can catch counterfeit money with MG (Magnetic ink detection) feature of the device. For control, keep button pressed on the device and rub the device against money. There are magnetic regions in every money. The device will beep and will blink its UV lamp in real money. It will do nothing in fake money. Besides it has an UV lamp as an electric torch.

     In 1991, our business partner’s project was listed in the Torch Programme by Chinese goverment. They have been examined and  approved 4 utility model patents and 12 design patents. In 1997,  our business partner was approved as Guangdong High-Tech  Enterprise. 90 % of their products are exported to Europe, North America, South America. Their products have got the CE, ROHS certificate,  ISO-9001  international  quality  systerm and CCC approval.

   Especially our business partner which is a specialist in coin counter machines, manufactures a very large number of bill counter, coin counter machines and detectors for distributors around the world.

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